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Stop Shipment of Radioactive Components through Great Lakes
It's Over - Bruce Walks Away from Nanticoke

Here's the official word:

Bruce Power withdraws Nanticoke new build application

On July 23, 2009, Bruce Power announced that it will withdraw its application to build new reactors in Nanticoke given Ontario’s declining electricity demand.

Bruce Power also announced it will focus on the refurbishment of its remaining Bruce A and B units rather than build new reactors at its current Bruce County site.

These decisions have no impact on the current process to introduce nuclear energy to either Alberta or Saskatchewan, where both provincial governments are expected to release policy statements regarding nuclear’s role later this year.

“These are business decisions unique to Ontario and reflect the current realities of the market,” said Duncan Hawthorne, Bruce Power’s President and Chief Executive Officer. “Our focus has always been to find the best way to provide Ontario with a long-term supply of 6,300 megawatts. For more than five years, we’ve examined our options and refurbishing our existing units has emerged as the most economical.”

Bruce Power has notified the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission and the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency that it will withdraw its site license applications and suspend its Environmental Assessments in Bruce County and Nanticoke.

It will now work with its investors and the Ontario Power Authority to investigate the feasibility of refurbishing Units 3-8 following the successful restart of Units 1 and 2, which will inject another 1,500 MW of baseload generation into the Ontario market.

For Bruce Power, refurbishing its remaining units could create up to 3,000 construction jobs and represent a multi-billion dollar investment over the next 10 years. It would also secure the long-term employment of up to 4,000 people to operate the site’s eight units over their extended lives.

“While we have chosen to pursue the refurbishment option, I want to thank everyone in Bruce, Haldimand and Norfolk counties who supported us,” Hawthorne said. “The work we have done confirmed both sites held great promise for new build if the market conditions were more favourable. However, the time has come to narrow our focus and follow the route that’s best for us, for Ontario and its ratepayers.”
Say No to a Nuclear Nanticoke
If we allow a new nuclear plant to be built in Nanticoke, the radioactive toxic waste created there will remain on site indefinitely. Bruce Power tells us it will be kept on site for 150 years and then it will be moved. They don't have anyplace to move it now and they won't have anyplace to move it in 150 years when the dry cask storage containers are no longer able to contain the deadly spent fuel.

We have no right to saddle our grandchildren with this toxic legacy.

No Nukes for NanticokeHow to Say No

Sign the petition.
A petition aimed at a moratorium on nuclear development in Nanticoke can be downloaded, printed and mailed in. The petition is available at

Write letters to elected officials. 
Area residents can write to their local ward councillors, to all councillors and to the mayors. You can also write to your MP and MPP. Who is affected? The 30 KM evacuation zone for nuclear accidents extends into Brant County, to New Credit and Six Nations territory. Prevailing westerly winds would carry radiation to Hamilton and beyond. Nuclear waste will travel on roads and rails from Nanticoke to the Bruce Penninsula. Nuclear fuel will travel on roads and rails from Port Hope to Nanticoke.

Click here for contact information for Councillors, Mayors, MPs and MPPs.

Letter writing tips.

Write letters to the editor.
Letters to the editors of local newspapers are generally welcomed. While large papers like the Globe & Mail and Toronto Star are very selective about which letters are published, smaller local papers typically publish most well-written, concise letters. Newspapers are receptive to emailed letters.

Display a lawn sign or poster.
No Nukes in Nanticoke"No Nukes" lawn signs are available. Quantities are limited.

11"x17" Posters like the one the cute little guy on the left is carrying are also available.

To request a sign or poster, email

Proposed Location

Where they want to build it:
Click to see a large map.
Click to see a large map.

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